Beef tamales and salsa

4 Ways Tamales Can Increase Your Energy

We’ve all had times when we’re feeling sluggish or drained. Sometimes you just need that little energy boost to help you power through. Or maybe you have a sport to play, and want to store up some energy. Surprisingly, tamales can definitely fuel your tank. Plus, the protein will help hold you over until your next meal.

  1. As far back as 8000 BC to 5000 BC ancient Aztecs and Mayans brought tamales with them when headed to battle or on long distance travels.  So if you’re facing a long day at work, a tamale is an easily portable lunch to hold you over those grueling hours at the office. Taking a day hike? Carry a few in your backpack and you can go anywhere! Another perk of our tamales is that they are not greasy. You won’t feel weighed down after eating them. Plus, since they are typically made in a corn husk, you can eat them without utensils. So if you’ve forgotten a fork & knife, no problem! Just peel away.
  2. Tamales can be made with chicken, brisket, beef, pork, or vegetables. With all that protein you’ll be ready to take on any challenge. Even vegetarian options like black beans can prolong your energy. Plus, since tamales are typically made with corn, they are high in carbohydrates, which is the body’s basic source of energy.If you have a long day at work or have a sports game that you’re playing in, eating tamales can definitely give your body energy to help you last for the long haul.
  3. Tamales are delicious to eat either hot or cold. So even if you are in a situation where you cannot heat up your tamale, you are still A-OK to dive in for a filling, recharging meal.  Mexicans have eaten tamales for any meal, including breakfast. Even if you’re running late in the morning, you can grab a tamale and eat it on the run.Have a busy day at the office and can’t get out for lunch? Have a tamale or two at your desk. They’re neat and tidy, and can fill you up as you power through your afternoon workload.
  4. When you get tamales you may get salsa or mole to go with them. When you have salsa, you think of Salsa dancing. When you think of Salsa dancing, you want to start dancing. Who doesn’t get a burst of energy from dancing? What fun!

No matter which style you choose, with all the carbohydrates tamales have, they taste great and will recharge you for whatever you want to tackle, whether it’s work or playing sports.

Craving a tamale? Try a pork, chicken, brisket, or veggie tamale today!

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